That Curaçao is a paradisiacal island, with lovely sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, is well known to people. But that a wealth of cultural heritage can also be found on Curaçao, is not very known. It's time to reveal the best kept secret of Curaçao and take you on a journey through the cultural heritage and museums of the island of Curaçao.

Curaçao has a great variety of museums

Siman di Museo - National Museumweek

Each year since 1977, ICOM (The International Council of Museums) has organised International Museum Day on May 18th. This day marks a unique moment for the international museum community. Over the years more and more museums all around the world started to participate. Curacao being one of the joining countries.

International Museum Day 2019 will focus on the new roles of museums as active actors in their communities. This year's theme is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition”.

This year on Curaçao we have 30 participating museums. And we have decided to celebrate International Museum Day with an entire WEEK full of fun activities. One of them being a REBUS that you can solve by visiting the participating museums. There is a clue hidden at every museum.

SO JOIN US FOR THIS EXCITING WEEK. The official opening of Museum Week will be on Thursday May 16th during Punda Vibes powered by DMO, CTB and CHATA. Join our Punda Vibes Museum Night and start solving the rebus with a night visit of the museums in Punda!

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