Become a member of the Association of Museums & Heritage of Curaçao 

Throughout the year, the board and various committees within the association will work to increase the brand awareness of the museums on Curaçao.


The establishment of the association, but also the organization of for example Dia di Museo, obviously costs money. In order to be able to pay for this event and other activities during the year, we therefore ask the museums and heritage organizations that want to participate in the association to make a small contribution of Nafl. 15.00 per month.


What do you get in return?

- Participation in Dia di Museo where the committee will do the promotion for these days

- Each museum is featured on the Facebook page "Museum Association of Curaçao" at least once a year 

- Mention of your organization on the website

- The promotion of the museum world on Curaçao through various actions or events

- Increase mutual recognition


Sign Up?

You can register by sending an email to Lida Pandt at