Museum of Natural History Curaçao - Museo di Historia Natural di Kòrsou


Opening hours

Wednesday - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm 


Adults: ANG 10

Children (6-12 years): ANG 5

Kids (under 6 years): free entrance

L: Sta. Rosaweg 10


T: (+5999) 522-8289


Mongui Maduro Museum

The plantation house “Rooi Catootje”, houses a museum which displays unique aspects of Curaçao’s culture. The antique mahogany closets are silent witnesses of the many books that Mongui Maduro started collecting at a young age. The Dutch Caribbean and Jewish cultural historical collection contains e.g. newspaper clippings, books, old postcards, event programs, music scores from as early as the 19th century: all accessible for research in Mongui Maduro Library, next to the museum.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 9 am – 12 pm


Local residents: free with ID

Tourists: ANG 3,50 / $ 2

L: Landhuis Rooi Catootje z/n

T: (+5999) 737-5119



Children's Museum Curaçao

Children’s Museum Curaçao is a place you cannot miss when having kids. Imagine a place where your children are encouraged to touch, manipulate and investigate everything they see. Children's Museum Curacao is such a place! Explore the 11 indoor and outdoor interactive exhibit zones that are ideal for children from ages 1 to 10 and their families. Build structures, create artworks, enjoy water activities or discover the forest behind the museum. There is sure to be something for every family member, including parents who will definitely find their inner child during the visit. Children's Museum Curaçao is centrally located on the island at Rooi Catootje 1 near Zuikertuintje Mall. Throughout the year the museum offers special programs and events.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Sunday: 12 – 5 PM

Monday: closed


Children 0 – 12 months: free

Children age 1 and older: ANG 9

Adults: ANG 9

L: Rooi Catootje 1


T: (+5999) 737-5261


Landhuis Bloemhof

ART. At Landhuis Bloemhof fine art exhibitions by local and/or international artists are ongoing. Every 5 weeks there is an inspiring new show. Visit the sculpture studio of May Henriquez, who was a pioneer in the local art world and made way for many local artists.

HISTORY. The country house Landhuis Bloemhof (1735), is almost three centuries old. A walking tour around the premises literally takes you back in time.

NATURE. Enjoy a walk through 18 acres of ‘Mondi’, in our natural park.

LOCAL ARTISTS @ BLOEMHOF. Check out the Cathedral of Thorns by Herman van Bergen. This monumental artwork is recommended by National Geographic Intelligent Traveler. Watch Hortence Brouwn create her stone sculptures in her open air studio in the gardens of Landhuis Bloemhof. .

Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 9 am - 2 pm


Adults: ANG 9 / $ 5

Children under 12 years of age: ANG 5,50 / $ 3

Local Residents with ID: free entrance

L: Santa Rosaweg 6

T: (+5999) 737-5775



Museo di Tambu Shon Cola

Tambú Shon Cola Museum shows the history of one of our most valuable cultural expression forms: the tambu. The building of the museum is a historic building: the kas di kaha, a traditional building style, especially in Bandariba. On the walls of the six rooms of the museum, the foundation shows the history of the tambu.

Opening hours

Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

L: Sabana Baka 31

T: +(5999) 696 3204

'Den Paradera', Dinah’s kruidentuin

In 1991 stichtte Dinah Veeris ‘Dinah's Botanic and Historic Garden Den Paradera’. Aan de oostzijde van Curaçao ligt deze kruidentuin die is verdeeld in drie gedeelten: de botanische tuin, de historische tuin en de productie met onder andere de winkel.

‘Daar waar je wilt vertoeven’

De naam ‘Den Paradera’ komt van de Indiaanse naam Paraguiri en was in het verleden de grootste kruidentuin op Curaçao, gelegen aan de oostkant van het eiland. Met de komst van de Spanjaarden wijzigde de naam in ‘En Paraldella’. Veel later kreeg deze plaats de naam ‘Den Paradera’. Het betekent: daar waar je wilt vertoeven.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm


Adults without guide: $ 8

Children without guide: $ 3

Adults with tour: $ 9

Children with tour: $ 5

L: Seru Grandi 105 A, Volg de weg naar Fuik. U ziet vanzelf de borden naar 'Den Paradera'



T: +(5999) 767 56 08