Gallery Alma Blou

Today Gallery Alma Blou in Landhuis Habaai is the oldest and largest gallery on Curaçao, featuring local and Caribbean art.

The mansion has an ideal layout: A large main gallery, the heart, is flanked by a front and a back gallery. The building is situated in a way that makes daylight filter through it beautifully, enhancing the artworks beauty. Collections of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and dolls are exhibited in different spaces in such a way that their quality stands out even more.

Themes and materials vary widely, but all art has a Caribbean character and Curaçaoan flair. Artists are inspired by the colors, the architecture, the people, the underwater life, the wind, mythology, the sea or the landscape. In short by all Curaçao and the Caribbean with their diversity has to offer and triggers the artists imagination.

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Monday: Closed.

T:  +5999 462 8896


The Curaçao Museum / Museo di Korsou

The Curaçao Museum is housed in a former Military Hospital, built back in 1853, a colonial style building which conveys an air of authenticity at the very first glance. It opened as a Museum on March 7, 1948, displaying a permanent collection of Art works, Antique Furniture made by local craftsmen, glassware and textiles, dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th century. In 1954 it was the first Museum in South America and the Caribbean to exhibit 37 original artworks by Vincent van Gogh. To date it has a vast collection of paintings by Local, Dutch and International Artists and frequently organises Exhibitions with established Artists as wel as Emerging Artists.

Unique in the Caribbean region, is the Carillon, installed in 1951 named ‘The Four Royal Children’ named after the four daughters of the late Queen Juliana.

Since 1948 the museum has organized a variety of exhibitions with both local and internationall known artists. With even an exhibition of Vincent van Gogh in 1954, as the First one in South America and the Caribbean.

The exhibition ‘Pioniers’ in 1962 exhibited artworks from: Pablo Picasso, Karel Appel, Marc Chagall, Corneille, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondriaan and Jackson Pollock.
Up to this day The Curaçao Museum offers, next to her permanent collection a variety of Exhbitions with both local as International Artists.

The Snip Gallery houses the cockpit of the "Snip", the first KLM plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Amsterdam to Curaçao in 1934.

It’s large shaded botanical garden with some rare old trees, includes among other things, sculptures of freedom fighters such as Luis Brion and Manuel Piar but also modern works of art by artists like Yubi Kirindongo, Hortence Brouwn and Philippe Zanolino. It lends itself perfectly for a stroll! The Curaçao Museum has much much more to offer but it’s too much to mention here. Pay us a visit and explore The Curaçao Museum for yourself.


Museo di Kòrsou

Museo di Kòrsou ta den un edifisio ku ántes tabata funshoná komo un Hospital Militar traha na aña 1853, un edifisio kolonial ku ta konvoká un aire di outoridat. Museo di Kòrsou a habri su porta nan dia 7 di mart 1948 ku un kolekshon varia di ekspreshon kultural manera un kolekshon permanente di Obra di nan di Arte, Muebel Antik traha pa karpinté nan lokal, Set di Porselana i Glas i diferente Tela Antik ku ta data di siglo nan 18 , 19 i 20.

Na aña 1954 nos Museo tabata e promé Museo den Karibe i Latino Amérika ku a tene un ekshibishon di e pintor Vincent van Gogh ku 37 Obra di Arte original. Te ku dia di awe Museo di Kòrsou tin un kolekshon permanente basta amplio di pinturanan di Artista Lokal, Hulandes i Artista Internashonal i frekuentemente ta organisá Ekshibishon ku Artista nan establesé i tambe Artista relativamente nobo riba e esena di Arte. Úniko den Caribe ta e Carillon ku a wòrdu instalá na aña 1952 “De vier Konings Kinderen” ku ta referí na e kuater yu muhé nan di nos defuntu Reina Juliana. Den Galeria SNIP por atmirá e kokpit di e avion SNIP di KLM, ku a hasi e promé buelo Trans Atlántiko for di Amsterdam pa Kòrsou na aña 1934. E hardin Botániko ku palu i mata nan ku a bira skars den nos medio ambiente i ku ta ofresé un dushi sombra tin alabes eskultura nan di entre otro luchadó nan pa libertat manera Luis Brion i Manuel Piar pero tambe tin eskultura di Arte Moderno di Artista nan manera Yubi Kirindongo, Hortence Brouwn i Philippe Zanolino.

E hardin ta perfekto pa dal un keiru i relahá bo mente miéntras tantu bo ta rondoná di Arte! Museo di Kòrsou tin hopi mas di ofresé pero ta muchu pa menshoná aki nan. Bishita nos i eksplorá loke Museo di Kòrsou tin di ofresé pa bo mes!


Opening hours

Tuesday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4.30 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm



Adults: ANG 10,00 / $ 6,00

Children (aged 5-12): ANG 5,00 / $ 3,00

65+: ANG 6,50 Children up to four years free

L: Van Leeuwenhoekstraat, Mundo Nobo

T: +(5999) 462 3873



FB & IG @het curacaoschmuseum

WWII MUSEUM CURACAO  - Foundation Battle Station Blaauw, Force Curacao 1942

The foundation strives to conserve the remnants of the American presence in Curaçao during World War II for future generations to see and keeping the memory of the American troops alive, by honoring them at this monumental site at Blue Bay Curacao.

The open air museum better known as ” The Barracks”-WWII Museum Curaçao is accessible to the general public with benches overlooking a great part of the Blue Bay Resort and Golf course, where you can walk freely among the old WWII remnants of the former US Coast Artillery Base, Camp Blaubaai.

Opening hours

By appointment Only
call or whatsapp +5999 5616383
or via email


Tourist 10 US$
Locals 10 Nafl
Children under 12 half price.

L: Blauwbaai, BD 56


Facebook: WWII Museum Curacao


Marine Education Center (MEC - Carmabi)

Find out more about our marine life, without getting wet!

Opening hours for public

Friday: 1 - 4 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 12 PM    


Local: Adult: ANG 3 / Child: ANG 1

Tourists: Adult: $ 3 / Child $ 1

L: Piscaderabaai z/n


Beeldentuin Blue Bay

Het initiatief om in 2017 een beeldenroute en wat later beeldentuin op te richten op Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort is werkelijkheid geworden. Niet alleen wordt een unieke mogelijkheid geboden aan de bewoners, golfspelers en hotelgasten om kennis te nemen van het hoge niveau van de Curaçaose sculpturale kunst, maar ook geeft dit initiatief Curaçaose kunstenaars de mogelijkheid om letterlijk en figuurlijkaan de weg te timmeren. Ook bewoners van Curacao en met name schoolkinderen zullen met werk van ‘hun’ kunstenaars op een gemakkelijke manier in contact gaan komen.

De Curaçaose kunst heeft zich de afgelopen jaren zeer goed ontwikkeld. In buitenlandse musea, op biënnales en triënnales, grote ten- toonstellingen en manifestaties zijn onze kunstenaars veelvuldig met hun werk vertegenwoordigd (geweest).

Blue Bay biedt nu de ruimte om deze ontwikkelingen op het gebied van drie-dimensionale objecten concreet te bekijken en geeft daarmee bovendien het cultureel toerisme een extra impuls. De beeldenroute is eind december 2017 gerealiseerd. Op 2 mei is de beeldentuin, beginnend met 5 beelden op sokkels, geopend.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday, 24 hours but best to visit with day light


Free to visit, identification required

L: Landhuis Blauw z/n Blue Bay Resort



Museo Yubi Kirindongo

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 12 pm & from 2 - 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

Call to make an appointment to visit on Sunday


Adults: ANG 15

8 - 15 years old: ANG 10

Groups of more than 10 people: ANG 7,50 per person

65+: ANG 10

L: Kaya Reis 390, Souax


T: +5999 869-3268